Name: x10 Glitched Chest
Price: 11.99 USD

Purchase to gain 10 Glitched Chest(s) immediately.
Legendary Rare Normal

Contains one of the following:


  • Ghostly Cavalier
  • Squires Backpack / Helmet
  • Pirate Hat
  • Yin Yang Amulet
  • Gnome Scarf
  • Jester Cape Normal / Black / Orange
  • Musketeer Hat Red / Black
  • Sandwich Lady Hat
  • Black / Blue / Red / White / Camo / Grey / Light Blue / Orange & Purple / Purple & White / White & Pink Woolly Hat
  • Green / Grey / Red / Yellow / Blue / White / Pink Leprechaun Hat


  • Glitched: Abyssal Demon, Baby Dragon, Bear, Cat, Giant Mosquito, Greater Demon, Imp, Mammoth, Monkey, Scorpion, Skeletal Wyvern
  • Catablepon, Ice Giant, Giant Mole, Lesser Demon, Venenatis, Bryophyta
  • Small Mole, Hobgoblin, Flesh Crawler, Hill Giant, Ice Warrior, King Scorpion, Moss Giant,


  • Sword In The Stone
  • Totalbiscuit, Glarials
  • Quaint


  • Kappa, Pogchamp, Biblethump
  • LUL, HeyGuys, Kreygasm, Heart


  • Devastator, Legendary, Honourable, Blazed, Bandos Slayer, Guthix Slayer, Zamorak Slayer, Saradomin Slayer, Zaros Slayer, Seren Slayer 
  • Assassin, Barbarian, Blademaster, Gold Digger, Sensational, Temple Knight, Vampyre, Vyrewatch, Warrior, White Knight, Weaponsmith
  • Acolyte, Beloved, Bunny, Chief, Commando, Dwarf, Explorer, Gravedigger, Foxy, Frosty, Howler, Impling, Monk, Ninja, Recruit, Rogue
  • Sailor, Shadow, Squire, Warlord, Whisperer


  • the Almighty, the Destroyer, the First, the Fighter, the Slaughterer, the Revered, of Runite
  • the Glitched (most unique title currently in game)
  • the Gifted, the Banished, the Forsaken, the Exiled, the Soulless, the Wolf, the Beast, of Steel
  • the Condemned, the Drunk, the Giant, the Lover, the Mistaken, the Outlaw, the Silent, the Sneaky, the Sworn, the Thirsty, the Unseen

Chests are subject to change, players will be notified on the server discord at most 7 days in advance of any changes.