Name: x5 Treasure Chest
Price: 6.99 USD

Purchase to gain 5 Treasure Chest(s) immediately.
Legendary Rare Normal

Contains one of the following:


  • Jester hat
  • Red/Yellow/Blue Party Hat
  • Gnome Hat
  • Rainbow Afro
  • Tan/Dark/Black Cavalier
  • Frog Mask
  • Robin Hood Hat*
  • Cow Hat
  • Bobble Hat
  • Lederhosen Hat
  • Black / Red / White / Blue Beret
  • Black / Red / White / Blue / Green Top Hat
  • Black / Red / White / Blue / Green / Orange / Pink / Purple Boater
  • Black / Red / Blue / Green / Brown / Purple / Pink / Yellow Afro


  • Unicorn, Black Unicorn, Baby Dragon*, Abyssal Demon
  • Minotaur, White Wolf*, Ice Feind*, Giant Mosquito*, Skeleton*, Zombie*, Scorpion
  • Chicken, Cat, Rat, Spider, Cow, Goblin, Imp, Rabbit*, Giant Rat, Snake, Dwarf


  • Font of Life, Stele
  • Small gravestone, Ornate Gravestone, 


  • Bigwig, King, Queen, Archon, Emperor, Empress, Wunderkind, Witch King, Witch Queen, The Awesome, Master, Elder God, Dragonslayer, 
  • Lord, Lady, Sir, Dame, Cheerful, Grumpy, Duderino, Dudette, Lionheart, Junior, The Outrageous, Athlete, The Mysterious, The Adorable,
  • Esquire, Ms, Mister, Miss, Mr, Mrs, The Untouchable, Doctor, Crusader, Hellraiser, The, Baron, Baroness, Desperado, Count, Countess,
  • Overlord, Prince, Princess, Bandito, Duke, Duchess, Justicar


  • the Magnificent, the Undefeated, the Strange, the Divine, the Fallen, the Warrior, the Merchant, of Zaros, of Armadyl, of Bandos,
  • of Zamorak, of Saradomin, the Destroyer, the Conqueror, the Annihilator, 
  • the Mad, the Maniac, the Blighted, the Wretched, the Infested, the Tainted, the Disgraced, the Defiled, the Doomed, the Hero,
  • the Ugly, the Poor, 
  • the Thrifty, the Tanned, the Stylish, the Intimidating, the Wild, the Hot, the Suave, the Elegant, the Skillful, the Handsome, the Beautiful

* marks items that are not yet implemented, but are still receivable.
Chests are subject to change, players will be notified on the server discord at most 7 days in advance of any changes.